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Freshdesk's Top Customer Analysis helps you understand which customers have had the most interactions with your agents, as well as lets you see trends in the kinds of tickets they've raised.

For example, you can get in-depth insights on the number of tickets that are getting created or re-opened by a certain company and probably infer that a particular set of customers might not be satisfied. You can allocate more resources and focus on resolving those tickets. 

You can also get an overview of the most number of tickets that are currently opened, raised, and resolved for each company.

You can also keep a tab on the SLA metrics and ensure you are adhering to the SLA promised for each company. As shown in the graph below, you can focus on companies for which the resolution time have been violated and ensure to effectively address going forward

Click on Analytics-> Curated reports->Top Customer Analysis to access the data

Your top 5 customers (as well as your bottom 5 customers) will be displayed, based on the following metrics:

What it means
Tickets submittedNumber of tickets created by the customer through any channel during the selected time period
Tickets resolvedNumber of tickets raised by the customer that were resolved during the selected time period
Tickets unresolvedNumber of tickets that were not resolved at the end of the selected time period
Tickets reopenedNumber of tickets reopened by the customer in the selected time period
Response SLA violations (%)

Percentage of tickets raised that were not responded to within SLA during the selected time period

Resolution SLA violations (%)Percentage of the tickets raised that were not resolved within SLA during the selected time period
Customer responses

Number of responses sent by the customer on the tickets they raised during the selected time period

Agent responses

Number of responses made by the agent on the customer's tickets during the selected time period

You can use the filters to dig deeper and find out answers to specific questions, such as which company creates the most high-priority tickets.

You can toggle between the highest and lowest customers in each metric by clicking on the sort icon in the upper-right. You can also click on each bar in the graph to see the corresponding tickets and take action immediately.