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Keeping track of the time spent on each ticket helps you generate timesheets and invoice your clients. Freshdesk's Time Sheet Summary lets you generate and analyze the time-spent on your customers, groups of customers, by your agents - so that you can understand the actual amount of working hours spent.

Here are some of the things that you can do with this report:

  • Compare the Billable vs. Non-billable time spent for each client 

  • Filter and export the custom dropdown and dependent dropdown fields

  • Group by Customer, Agents, and other key fields for ease of invoicing/billing

  • If you have added Notes for reference in the Time tracked, you can view them in the Columns

To select the columns that you want to Export:

  • Login to your support portal as an Admin/Supervisor.

  • Go to Analytics> Curated> Time Sheet Summary.



  • Choose the Agents and Customers that you wish to generate this report for, using the filters on the left.

  • The Custom dropdown and Dependent dropdown fields are also available as filters.

  • Select whether you want to generate the report by billable or non-billable time spent.

  • Select the time period for this timesheet based on the available options, or enter the specific date range for this report (maximum of 6 months).

  • Pick columns that you’d want to view/export and click Generate.

  • Click on Export to download this timesheet report as CSV.

  • If you wish to receive it as a PDF, click Email PDF.

 Understanding the file format of the Timesheet Report


Less than 12 columns

More than 12 columns

Email it as a PDF



Downloading the Timesheet Report 



Schedule a Timesheet Report