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You can identify customers who are influencers on Twitter and make sure you prioritize support for them. Freshdesk lets you capture the followers count on Twitter, and also if they have a blue verified badge.

Here's how you can add them to your contact details:

  • Go to Admin -> Support Operations -> Customer Fields -> Customize Requester Widget -> "+" option  
  • Once in, select "Twitter Verified Profile" to know if the profile has the blue verified badge
  • Select "Twitter Follower Count" if you wish to capture the followers count of the Twitter profile.

Note: Both these fields cannot be edited by the customer.

Automating ticket priority based on the follower count:

One of the main advantages of fetching the Twitter follower count or the verified badge into Freshdesk, is setting up automation to prioritize tickets from customers with higher follower count or the blue verified badge. 

Here's how you can set up automations for such customers:

  • Go to Admin -> Workflows -> Automations -> New Rule under Ticket creation
  • Select the type of fields as Contacts, the condition as Twitter Follower Count, provide a suitable threshold for the follower count.
  • You can also set the condition as Verified by Twitter, and set the status as Selected.
  • Once done, Under actions, select Set priority asand select High.

Note: The automation settings are available only on Estate and Forest plans.