When integrating SnapEngage to your Freshdesk helpdesk, you can automatically convert completed chat transcripts as tickets. You can also have offline requests be logged as tickets in Freshdesk and you can select which chat transcripts you would like to discard to not be converted as tickets. 

Finding your Freshdesk support email:

1. Sign into Freshdesk.
2. Go to Admin > Email

3. Copy your support email.

Setting up SnapEngage to work with Freshdesk:

1. Sign into your SnapEngage configurator. You can sign into the configurator here.

2. C
lick on the Integrations tab in SnapEngage. You can select the email option. Here you can add your support email address that has been configured in Freshdesk. If you click on Advanced you can select which option you would like to use to send your chat transcripts.

3. Click on “Save”.

And you’re all set! Your SnapEngage chat transcripts will now be sent to your Freshdesk account to be created as tickets.