Dialstreet is a cloud based business telephony system that helps you manage your calls. By integrating your Freshdesk with your Dialstreet account, you can put a number to your helpdesk and see all your conversations with customers get converted to tickets automatically.

Quick guide on integrating Freshdesk with Dialstreet:

  • Visit http://www.dialstreet.com/freshdesk and register with Dialstreet. 
  • You will have to provide your Freshdesk URL and API key. (The API key can be seen on the right of your Profile settings page in your Freshdesk helpdesk when you log in as an Administrator)

  • You will also be providing your Agents Mobile number and Notify Mobile number. 
  • Enter the Captcha Text in the text box provided and click on Lets Get Started. 

  • After a phone number verification, a Dialstreet number will be generated for you. 
  • Whenever your customers call on that number and want to speak to an agent, the call will be connected to the Agents Mobile number. 
  • A Freshdesk ticket will automatically be generated for every call to your DialStreet number, and an SMS containing the ticket number will be sent to your customer.
  • Whenever a ticket is generated, an SMS will be sent to the Notify mobile number. 
  • Your customers can also send an SMS to the Dialstreet number and raise Freshdesk tickets.
  • These are the variety of customization options available to you in DialStreet:
    • Custom welcome messages and greetings on your IVR
    • Customized call mapping and call flows.
    • Map your IVR to various departments/personnel.
    • Customized call logic to handle calls after business hours or on holidays.
    • Popup notifications with open ticket IDs for your support personnel for all incoming calls.

Your Dialstreet Integration is successfully set up and you can use it to make communication between you and your customers a hassle-free experience.