Now greet your every caller with a custom welcome message.

Quick Guide on setting up the Welcome Message

Configuring a welcome message

  • Click on Admin > Helpdesk Connectivitiy > Phone. 
  • You will see a list of all numbers you have purchased. 
  • Click on the Edit button next to the number which should play welcome message when customers call.
  • This will take you to the manage numbers page.
  • Click on the Simple message radio button under the Greetings tab.
  • You can record a new message/ upload an audio file.
  • You can also type in the Welcome message text box and use the text-to-speech option to configure your welcome message.
  • You can direct the call to a particular group of agents after the message is played. If you want all your agents to receive the call, pick "All groups" from the dropdown.
  • Hit Save once you are done.
  • Now the welcome message is played to every incoming call to this number.