Customizing the widget appearance 

  • Log in to your Freshdesk account as an administrator.
  • Go to the Admin tab and click on the live chat icon. 
  • Click on the edit button next to the relevant product. 
  • Click on the Widget tab

Chat window 

  • You can change the color of the chat window to suit your brand using the color chooser. You can see its preview on the right.
  • Click on the Window Position dropdown to choose where the chat window should appear to your visitors.
  • Window Offset lets you set the distance between the chat window and left/right end of the screen (based on the position of the window).

Customizing the widget text

Default messages appear on the chat window of the visitor at various stages during the chat. You can customize the titles and messages to suit your brand in the default messages section. Here's the list of all titles and messages you can edit and where they appear:

Visitor's POV

Title when chat is minimized is the title your visitors will see when the chat window is minimized. It should preferably be something that invites your visitors to chat.

Title when chat is maximized appears when the visitors’ chat window is open. 

Welcome message is the first message your visitors see when they open the chat window.

Reply box placeholder is the message displayed in the box where visitors type their message
Status message while waiting for agents is shown to the visitor who has initiated the chat and is waiting for one of your agents to take up the chat
Wait/On hold Message is sent to your visitors when all the agents in your helpdesk are busy chatting with other people.

Message when agent joins chat is shown to the visitor when one of your agents picks up the chat. 

{{agent_name}} is a placeholder that changes according to the name of the agent who is chatting.
Message when agent leaves chat is shown to the visitor when the agent closes the chat window after the chat is over.

{{agent_name}} is a placeholder that changes according to the name of the agent who is chatting.


Thank you/Closure message appears to the visitor when the chat is over.

Non-availability message appears to the visitor when none of the agents are available. 

You can redirect your visitors to your feedback widget or a ticket form or any other custom URL through this message. That way, they can raise a ticket with your support and your agents can contact them later.

You can do this by hyperlinking a part of the Non-availability message. 

  • Enclose the hyperlink text in the Non-availability text box within # and # 
  • The On-click action drop-down has options to link the text to your feedback widget and your ticket form.
  • To redirect your visitors to a custom URL, pick "Open a custom link" from the drop-down
  • In the text box that appears below, enter the custom URL of the website/page you want to redirect the visitor.

Offline/Missed Chat Messages appear when an agent leaves a chat unattended for two minutes. The chat panel will display a form to take the visitor's message. The visitor will be in the chat queue until they submit the form, or for a total of five minutes. Beyond this, the chat will be considered a missed chat. The message will be appended to the chat transcript and a ticket will be created.

You can modify the title of the panel, a thank you message and a thank you header.

Every time you change the chat customization and save it, it will be reflected in your website chat box automatically. 

In case you need more help setting live chat up, feel free to check out this step-by-step tutorial.