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Ticket views

Once you login, you will see all the new tickets in your helpdesk and the tickets assigned to you that are open. If you would like to see a different view of tickets, you can click on New & My Open Tickets and choose a ticket view from the drop down. Here's the All Tickets view.


If you want to see only tickets assigned to you that are open and pending, choose the “My Open and Pending tickets” from the dropdown. The next time you open the app, the view you last chose will be shown automatically.


You can search for tickets, customers and even knowledge base articles (solutions) in the helpdesk.

  • Click on the Search icon in the top right and type what you want to look up.

  • You can switch between results for “Tickets”, “Customers” or “Solutions”

View the status and priority of tickets

The color on the left of each ticket shows the priority of each ticket. For example, if it’s red, its priority is urgent. The status of a ticket, whether open or pending or any other, is mentioned above its title. It's current SLA situation - new, overdue or otherwise - can also be seen next to its status. 

Bulk ticket actions

Click and hold on a particular ticket to use the bulk action mode. Select all tickets you want to be performing the same actions on. You can delete and mark tickets as spam in bulk using the buttons on top. Click on the “more” icon in the corner (the three vertical dots) to be able to close all the tickets you selected or assign them to yourself (using the “Pick up” option).

Navigating within a ticket

Click on a ticket to open the conversation. You can navigate to the next or previous ticket in the list by swiping to the right or left. You can view individual replies fully by clicking on it (clicking on the three-dots icon will bring up options that you can use to forward or delete that particular response) and scroll up or down to see the next or previous reply in the conversation thread.

Download the Android app here

The ticket guide - Responding to, attaching files, and modifying properties of tickets