A Quick Guide to Install your live chat:

  • Log in to your Freshdesk account as an administrator.
  • Go to the Admin tab on the left panel > live chat icon. 
  • Find the product for which the chat widget will be enabled and click the edit button.
  • Your live chat Javascript code is available under the Widget Code tab. 


  • Copy the code and paste in before the last </body> tag in your website or application. If you use Wordpress, paste the code before the </body> in the footer.php section.
  • Now the users visiting those websites or application can see the chat window (only when one of your agents are available online)

To see the chat widget in your website, make sure that:

  • You have enabled live chat in your admin tab
  • You have enabled the chat widget of this particular product
  • You or at least one of your agents is available to take chat (click on the chat icon in the top right corner near your profile picture to become available)

To chat with visitors in your support portal, you just need to enable the Chat on support portal option in the Widget tab. (Learn more)

Adding chat as a link

You can link the chat widget to a particular set of text in your website or application. After you install the chat javascript, you can add "chat-widget" as the text element ID. This will hide the default widget from the page and the chat window will open only when you click on the hyperlinked text. 

For example:

 <p id="chat-widget">Chat with us</p>