Note: This feature is currently not available on Freshdesk Mint.

When live chat is enabled, you can see a chat widget at the bottom of your screen and an agent availability button near your profile picture on the top right corner of your support portal. Agents can chat with other agents, browse their chat history and initiate chat with visitors using the live chat widget.

Availability of agents on chat

Availability status
What it means

If the chat icon next to your profile picture is green, it means you are available to your other agents and visitors.
  • Other agents can find you and ping you
  • When visitors ping, you will receive a notification and you can accept or decline the chat
  • You can initiate chat with the visitors

If the chat icon next to your profile picture is grey, it means you are not available to your visitors. 

  • You will not receive notification when visitors ping 
  • But you can initiate chat with visitors using the chat widget
  • Other agents will still be able to find you and chat with you

If every agent in your support has logged into Freshdesk but has set their statuses as not-available, your visitors will not be able to see the chat window.

Agent to Agent chat

When your agents are spread across multiple floors or countries, the agent-to-agent chat will be very helpful for internal communications. Their message archive will contain their chat with other agents too, so it becomes easier to go back and locate a conversation. 

Quick guide to chat with another agent

  • Click on the headphone icon in the chat bar.
  • All the agents logged into your helpdesk can be seen.
  • You can search for the agent you want to chat with and click on their name to start the chat.
  • The chats will be stored in the message archives but you will not have an option to convert them into tickets. 

Recent chats and visitor details

Click on the chat icon in the chat bar to see your top 5 recent chats, and a ticker with the visitor details. When you hover over the recent chat conversations you can see which visitor is online, which conversation has been converted into a ticket, and a headset icon will be displayed if the conversation is with an agent. 

Accept a chat from a visitor

When your status is set to "Accepting", you will receive notifications of new chat messages when the visitors ping your helpdesk. You can see the visitor's name and location and you will have options to accept or decline the chat. You will also be able to see widget they have initiated the chat from, in case you have enabled multiple chat widgets. You can chat with multiple visitors or agents at the same time.


Chat with a visitor proactively

You can jump in and start conversations with visitors even before they reach out to you for help. 

Click on the ticker that shows the new and returning visitors, you will be directed to the dashboard where you can pick a visitor and start chatting.     


Viewing and editing the visitor details

When you start chatting with a visitor, you can click on the profile icon on the top left corner of your chat window to view the visitor details. You can see what browser and OS they are using (this will help you while troubleshooting), you can see where they are chatting from and which page they are chatting from. You can also edit the contact information of the visitors as you chat with them. They will be added as contacts in your helpdesk only when you convert their chat to a ticket.   

Transfer chat to other agents

You can transfer your chats to other agents who are available online. For example, if your visitor wants to understand which of your plans could suit his needs better, you can transfer the chat to the sales person in your team and he can pick it up.   

  • Click on the Settings icon in the chat window.
  • Choose transfer to agent icon.
  • All the agents logged in to your helpdesk will be shown.
  • You can find the person you want to transfer the chat to and click on their name to transfer the chat.

Blocking visitors

You can block unwelcome visitors who spam you. You just need to click on the settings icon and choose block visitor option. Once you block them, they will not be able to see the chat widget until they clear the cookies in their browser.