The Google Hangouts app for Freshdesk lets your agents and customers initiate a Hangouts session to easily trouble shoot issues right from the ticket in their helpdesk. Your customers can share screens and your agents can provide remote assistance to your customers over the hangouts session and solve complicated issues in a matter of minutes. 

Quick guide to install Hangouts button in the tickets/customers page of the agent portal

  • Login to your support portal as an administrator.
  • Under the Admin tab, click on Apps.
  • Click on "Get More Apps" and select "Hangouts"
  • Click on Install.
  • Now in every ticket, your agents can see a hangout button on the right.

  • Your agents can click on the Start button and initiate a video hangout session with the ticket requester at a pre-defined time.
  • You can also share screens with your requester to guide them better and, use the remote assistance feature to solve their problem for them.

Learn how to install the Hangouts app for users.


  • The agent and the customer should have logged into your Freshdesk with a Gmail account.
  • If you do not have Hangouts installed, you'll be prompted to do so, when you initiate the hangout.
  • The customer should be logged into Gmail when the call is initiated.

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