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Notify ticket creation or updation events in Hipchat

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Feature Details:

The HipChat app for Freshdesk enables you to receive instant updates in your HipChat chatroom whenever a ticket is created or updated. This way, you can stay up-to-date on your support tickets and quickly rope in your team when a complicated ticket comes in.

This integration makes use of rules in your helpdesk’s automation system so make sure you have the access to create Dispatch’r and Observer rules.

Installation Procedure:

On HipChat

  1. Create a Room in which you want to receive notifications from Freshdesk. 

  2. Go to your Admin panel in Hipchat and click on Rooms → “Name of the Room you just created”

  3. Note down the API ID. You’ll need to enter it when creating the Automation rules.

  4. Click on Tokens in the column on the left.

  5. Under Create New Token, give a name in the Label section. This label will be used when posting notifications in the HipChat room

  6. Select both Send Notification and View Room under Scopes section and click on create.

  7. Copy the new token. You’ll need to enter it when creating the automation rules.

On Freshdesk

  1. Login to your helpdesk. Go to Admin → Observer → Add New Rule.

  2. Build the rule for the notifications you want to receive. The example rule displayed below will result in the Observer posting a message on HipChat every time a ticket is upgraded from Low priority to High or Urgent

  3. In “Perform these actions” section, select Request type as “POST”, encoding as JSON, and enter this as the callback URL

  4. Replace Room ID with the API ID you copied earlier in HipChat and Room Token with the Token value you got earlier.

  5. Under Content, select Advanced and configure the message you want to be displayed. Make sure you use Hipchat’s format for pushing messages. Example Message:


    {"color": "green", "message_format": "text", "message": " {{ticket.id}} {{ticket.subject}} was updated from Low to {{ticket.priority}} " }


  6. Save the rule and your HipChat account is integrated with your helpdesk

  7. Feel free to create as many rules for as many scenarios as necessary. If you wish to be notified for incoming tickets, you’ll have to create tickets for Dispatch’r.

Using The Feature

Once the rule is saved, when an action in your helpdesk triggers the rule, you’ll automatically receive a message in the HipChat room. The label you used to create the Room Token will be used to post the message.

If you wish to customize the message you want to receive in HipChat’s rooms, make sure it adheres to HipChat’s parameter guidelines. You can use any of the parameters in that page in your message.


  1. I have created the rule but I don’t see any messages in the HipChat room. Why?
    Make sure you have:

    1. Created a Dispatch’r or Observer rule. Supervisors are not supported.

    2. Entered the correct Room ID and Room Token in the Webhook URL when setting up the rules.

    3. Ensure that the rule has the right parameters to be executed

  2. Can I customize the message sent as a HipChat notification?
    Yes. You can use any of the parameters in this page to customize the message you want to send.