Your support team will come across situations where they have corresponded back and forth with the customer for better understanding of the requirements, or an agent might have to take over from another, midway through resolving a ticket. In such cases, context, becomes key. 

By integrating your support portal with your Freshdesk Gmail Gadget, you will be able to display the entire ticket conversation between your agents and the customer, along with the incoming notification thereby giving a complete context to the agent right from within the email itself. 

Quick Guide to Integrating Freshdesk Gmail Gadget

  • Login to your Google Admin account at
  • Click on Manage Apps > Marketplace Apps. 

  • Click on the Add Marketplace App button on the tip right. 

  • From the list of marketplace apps displayed, scroll down and locate Freshdesk Gmail Gadget and click on it. 
  • Click on Install App and click Continue to grant the app access to your information.

  • Agree to Google's terms and conditions by checking the checkbox and click on Accept. 

  • The app is installed and you will be notified with a pop-up. Click on Okay Got It! to exit the installer and return to the marketplace apps page.
  • You can now see Freshdesk Gmail Gadget listed along with the other installed apps. Click on it. 

  • Click on Existing Account tab and enter your Freshdesk URL.
  • Click on Submit when to complete the configuration. 

The gadget enables SSO and hence you will not be required to enter your freshdesk credentials once you click on Submit. You will be directly logged in to your support portal. and your agents' will be able to view the complete email history for any ticket.