C-Zentrix is a contact center software that facilitates communication between your agents and customers. The C-Zentrix app for Freshdesk will let your agents handle calls using the C-Zentrix call widget right from within Freshdesk. Your agents can also quickly pull up information about the customer they are on call with, like their Name, Email and their recent tickets, and get more context while on calls. Every call can also be recorded and converted to Freshdesk tickets.

Quick Guide to installing the C-Zentrix app for Freshdesk:

  • Login to your support portal.
  • Go to Admin > Helpdesk Productivity > Apps > Get more apps
  • Select C-Zentrix and click on Install.

  • In the C-Zentrix app configuration page, enter your host IP and port. You can get this information by contacting the C-Zentrix support team. Make sure there are no unnecessary spaces when you enter the IP and port numbers and that the IP is public.
  • Click Enable to complete installing the app.

Your agents can now see the C-Zentrix widget in their Freshdesk account. The agents will be automatically logged into the C-Zentrix widget when they log in to the support portal, provided the agents use the same email ID to log in to Freshdesk as well as C-Zentrix. 

C-Zentrix Widget

Agents can call customers by typing their phone number into the box on the widget and hitting the call button. The call is placed between the requester's phone and the agent's registered phone, be it a mobile or fixed line.  

While on the call, two recent tickets of the customer will be shown in the widget. You can also click on the customer name to view more information about the contact.

Availability settings

Calls flowing into CTI queues are offered to agents in available state. Your agents will be unavailable when they:
  • Take a break - Agents can choose to not be assigned any calls for a while by clicking on the take a break button and choosing a reason why they won't be available.
  • Switch to preview - Agents can make calls while on the preview mode. Any call the agent receives after she clicks on "Switch to Preview" button will queued. 

Converting calls to tickets

Adding a Note:
Note icon exists next to the C-Zentrix widget which will allow you to take notes regarding the conversation.

Once the call ends, Freshdesk will present you with the option to associate the call with a new or an existing ticket. In-call notes taken will be available for editing on the “Convert to Ticket” widget and added as Public or Private note based on Admin setting. For new tickets, the recording of the conversation will be appended to the description of the ticket. For existing tickets, the call recording will be added as a Public Note.