With the Ameyo app for Freshdesk, agents can use their Ameyo accounts to call customers right from inside Freshdesk. You can choose to convert Ameyo calls into new tickets or add them to existing tickets as notes. These tickets and notes will contain a recording of the call. This way, agents can follow up on customers whose issues weren't resolved during the call.

Quick guide to installing the Ameyo app for Freshdesk

  • Login to Freshdesk as an administrator.
  • Go to Admin > Helpdesk productivity > Apps > Get more apps
  • Select Ameyo and click on Install.
  • Enter the Host ip:Port of your Ameyo account without http/https (Please contact Ameyo support to get this).

  • If you want all the Ameyo calls to be compulsorily converted as Freshdesk tickets, click on the check box that says "Convert all call recordings.."
  • Once you click on Enable, you can see the Ameyo widget inside Freshdesk.

Making and receiving calls with the Ameyo widget

  • Click on the Ameyo widget available in the bottom right corner on your helpdesk.
  • Login with your Ameyo account credentials

  • Select the right extension from the dropdown and provide your phone number.

  • Once you are logged in, make sure that you change the status to "Available" so you can make /receive calls.

  • Now, when you call someone who is already a contact in Freshdesk, you can see upto 2 recent tickets created by them in the widget.

  • Once the call ends you can see the Convert to ticket dialog box, where you can add notes about the call.
  • Please note that the "Do not convert to Ticket" option will be available only when you leave the "Convert all call recordings.." check box unchecked when you are installing the app.

  • If you choose to save the call to an existing ticket, it will be added as a note to the ticket you choose.
  • Make sure to dispose your previous call by clicking on the Force dispose button to continue taking calls.

Note icon exists next to the widget which will allow you to take notes regarding the conversation.


Once the call ends, Freshdesk will present you with the option to associate the call with a new or an existing ticket. In-call notes taken will be available for editing on the “Convert to Ticket” widget and added as Public or Private note based on Admin setting. For new tickets, the recording of the conversation will be appended to the description of the ticket. For existing tickets, the call recording will be added as a Public Note.