• WebRTC is supported in Chrome (v28+) and Firefox (v23+) on desktop. We do not support Android browsers. You can use phone channel on mobile by installing our native app. (iOS | Android)
  • The flash (fallback mode) supports Google Chrome 11+ (however, Flash is currently not compatible with Chrome incognito mode), Internet Explorer 7+, Safari 5+, and Firefox 3.6+ with Flash 10.1 or higher installed.
  • You can check if your browser is supported and configured correctly here: http://clientsupport.twilio.com/

Not able to make calls using Chrome?

If you are using a custom Freshdesk domain name without an SSL certificate, the latest version of Chrome (47.0.2526.80) will prevent you from making or receiving calls. So if you don't have a secure connection (https://) you can do one of the following:

  • Use Freshdesk in another browser (we recommend Firefox) (or)
  • Let your agents use the Freshdesk domain while your customers continue to use the custom domain for self-service. Though you are using a custom domain now (like help.company.com or support.company.com), your helpdesk will still be available at the Freshdesk domain you signed up with (company.freshdesk.com) (or)
  • Purchase an SSL certificate for your custom domain

If you continue to face issues with the phone channel, please email support@freshdesk.com

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