With the Freshdesk iOS app, you can keep an eye on tweets, convert them to tickets, respond to conversations and track what people are saying about your competitors and industry, besides just your own company. You can begin by logging in to your help desk on the web, going to the Social tab, and connecting your company's Twitter account.

For every Twitter account you create, a default stream will show up listing mentions for that account. You can configure additional streams to track influencers, and specific kinds of tweets you get. 

Interacting with tweets from the iOS app

The Social Tab provides quick access to all the streams you've set up, and allows you to interact and take actions on tweets. You can use the menu on top to switch between streams you've created. Once you choose a stream, a timeline of tweets that match the conditions you've set up appear. 

If you've used Twitter, the interface here should be familiar: you'll see matching tweets listed in reverse chronological order, along with the name of the author, the username, and the timestamp. 

On swiping across a tweet, you'll see the following options show up:


Tapping on this option converts the highlighted tweet into a ticket in your help desk

If a tweet has already been converted into a ticket, you'll see this option appear. You can click on it to go to the ticket details screen from where you can assign it to someone so they can work on it, or change its properties among other things

Using this option, you can quickly shoot out a tweet response to your customers. You'll be able to choose between accounts if you have more than one Twitter profile connected with your help desk.  

You can use this button to retweet to your followers. When customers tweet a news piece or offer a tip about your product that you think other followers would benefit from, you can use this option. If you have more than one Twitter account connected to your help desk, you'll be able to pick the account you want it to be retweeted from.  


You can use this button to favourite tweets.

Indicators on tweets

Based on interactions and activity, you'll see one or more of these icons appear alongside tweets listed in streams:


This icon indicates that the author of the tweet is a contact in your help desk already. 

If a tweet has been ticketed already, you'll see the ticket icon show up along with the ticket number.

If a tweet has been responded to via the help desk already, the 'in conversation' label would show up


When you tap on a tweet, you'll be able to see interactions that have occurred on that tweet. Replies that have been sent from the app or the web help desk will have the name of the agent who sent the reply alongside. You'll also be able to access similar options just like on the previous screen from the interactions tab (convert or view on select tickets, reply, favorite and retweet).

Making announcements on Twitter

When you're browsing through streams, you can also use the new tweet icon on the top left to post a message on your Twitter channel. When you tap this button, you'll be able to switch between accounts if you have more than one Twitter profile connected to your help desk. 



Post a new tweet from any Twitter account connected to your help desk

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