Note: This feature is currently not available on Freshdesk Mint.

Feature Availability:


Freshdesk plans supporting the feature

RingCentral plans supporting the feature

Conversion of an incoming call to a ticket

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All Plans

Feature Details:

Integrating RingCentral and Freshdesk automatically creates tickets in your helpdesk as soon as you receive a call on your RingCentral’s desktop client. 

The app can also pull data about the customer - Name and Number - from your RingCentral address book and save it in your Freshdesk account.

Installation Procedure:

To integrate RingCentral helpdesk, you’ll need the RingCentral’s desktop client installed firstIf you are on Windows, you will have to install cURL as well. Check this page for instructions on how to install cURL (latest version) on your Windows machine. Once installed, please add you curl installation directory to your windows PATH environment variable

Note: The PATH environment variable would be local to your system, hence a generic specification cannot be prescribed.

This is an agent-level integration. After installing RingCentral’s client, every support agent in your helpdesk will have to follow the steps below to integrate their helpdesk account with their RingCentral client:

Agent Steps in Freshdesk

  • Download the script appropriate for your operating system - Mac or Windows.
  • Open the script file using a text editor, such as Sublime Text or Notepad
  • In the section named “Domain Name”, add your helpdesk domain, eg:
  • In your support helpdesk, click on your profile icon on the top right and go to your profile settings page. Copy your profile number from the URL. (shown highlighted below). Also note your API key displayed in the sidebar on the right.

  • Add the profile number to the “Responder ID” value in the script

  • Paste the API Key in the script and save the changes

NOTE: If you are on a Windows machine, ensure that the updated script is saved with the “.bat” extension.

Once you have saved the modified script:

  • Open your RingCentral client and sign in.
  • Go to the Settings page by clicking on the gear icon on the bottom right.
  • In the 'Settings' window, go to the 'Calls' tab and enable 'Launch external application on an incoming call'.

  • Browse to where your script file is located. Select it. RingCentral will automatically populate the path.
  • Once the path has been added, depending on the operating system you are working on, you’ll have to modify a few things.

Mac OS


Add sh to the beginning of the path

Add cmd to the beginning of the path

Remove the “” quotes around the path

Remove the “” quotes around the path

Add %E “%N” after the path

Add %E “%N” ^&exit after the path

Example: sh /usr/local/scripts/ %E "%N"

Example: cmd /c start /MIN C:\freshdesk_script\ringfinal.bat %E "%N" ^& exit

  • Close the settings tab and you are ready to go. 

To ensure that the integration has been enabled properly, click on the “Test” button and you should see a new ticket created in your helpdesk with a sample user - John Smith, as the requester. You - the Agent, will be the creator of the ticket and will also be set as responder.

Using The Feature

You can use the RingCentral and the Freshdesk solution, as always, to talk to people and to file tickets. But now, when you receive a call, a ticket will be automatically created in Freshdesk. Ticket description and customer data will be updated from RingCentral’s records. In case the contact doesn’t exist in your RingCentral records, you will be able to add the details once the call is over. The integration will automatically update the contact name in Freshdesk the next time the customer calls or you can update these details manually in Freshdesk.


  1. My integration is not working. Why?
    Ensure that your device has cURL installed. In case you don’t, follow these steps
  2. What properties will be assigned to tickets created by this integration?
    When a ticket is created via the RingCentral automation, the attributes will be, by default,
    Priority: Low
    Status: Open
    Source: Phone
  3. Can I change the default attributes that are assigned to the tickets?
    Yes. You can change the default attributes. In the script file, modify the numerical values for whichever attribute you want to change. Example, Changing Priority from 1 to 2 will change ticket state from “Low” to “Medium”. The Ticket Properties section on this page documents the default numerical values for each attribute in your Freshdesk helpdesk.

     In case you have custom statuses enabled in your helpdesk, please ask your administrator for the desired values.
  4. What is the “%N” value added to Execute Command box for?
    The “%N” attribute ensures that the full name from RingCentral is passed to Freshdesk when updating contact details.
  5. How does automatic contact updation work? Will it overwrite the data that I have in Freshdesk already?
    In the script file, there is a key called “updateContactToFreshdesk”. Depending on whether the value of this key is “true” or “false”, there will be a difference in how your contact name is added to Freshdesk from RingCentral. Check the table below to see how the integration will behave in each scenario

updateContact value

In RingCentral

In Freshdesk

What will the integration do?


No contact name exists

No contact exists

Phone number of caller will be treated as both as name and phone number to create a contact in Freshdesk. And the same contact will be set as Requester for the ticket. Updating the caller name in RingCentral will update the contact name in Freshdesk when the next call comes in


Contact name exists

No contact exists

Sometimes, RingCentral sends location of the caller to Freshdesk as Name. When the agent updates the contact name in RingCentral, it will be automatically updated in Freshdesk when the next call comes in.


Contact name exists

Contact name exists

The integration will overwrite contact name in Freshdesk with name stored in RingCentral address book.


Contact name exists

Contact name exists

The integration will NOT overwrite contact name in Freshdesk with name stored in RingCentral address book

  1. Can I disable automatic updating of contacts from RingCentral?

    As highlighted above, if the parameter of “updateContactToFreshdesk” is false, RingCentral contacts won’t be updated in Freshdesk.

  2. Will contact name changes in Freshdesk be reflected to RingCentral?
    No. Any change that you make to contact details in Freshdesk will not be updated in your RingCentral address book