This solution article provides details on how you can link your eBay account to your helpdesk, the features and use-cases that it provides, and how it makes supporting customers from your helpdesk easier.

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Manage eBay buyer messages for listed products from your helpdesk

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Feature Details:

The new e-Commerce channel in Freshdesk allows businesses to link up their stores on marketplaces such as eBay with their helpdesk.

Businesses that use eBay to sell their products will be able to respond to buyer queries, engage with transaction partners, or otherwise carry on conversations with customers via their helpdesk. They can also manage other customer engagement channels like Email, Facebook and Twitter. Connecting their eBay account to their helpdesk will allow businesses to:

  1. Connect with customers - Convert incoming questions, and feedback into a ticket in your helpdesk. Edit properties, modify and respond to those tickets.

  2. Harness your helpdesk - Utilise the power of your helpdesk when supporting your e-Commerce customers - automation to sort and assign tickets, contact data enrichment, integration with third-party clients to enhance helpdesk abilities and more.

  3. Streamline your support - Be it Email, Twitter, Facebook, Chat, your eCommerce store - you can manage conversations from multiple platforms with various customers from just one place.

NOTE: This feature will not convert any admin emails from eBay, such as those from Resolution Centre, or any other emails confirming sale or suggesting returns or refunds into Freshdesk tickets. eBay admin action should be executed only from the respective eBay accounts.

Installation Procedure:

On Freshdesk

Admin Steps

  1. Log into your helpdesk. Go to Admin → e-Commerce

  2. Select “New Account” and from the dropdown, select “eBay”

  3. Give this eBay-Freshdesk installation a name. This is an internal identifier for your helpdesk purposes only and will not affect your eBay account in any way.

  4. Select the appropriate geographic location your eBay account is associated with - be it or or any other.

  5. In case you wish to associate all incoming tickets for a given account with a specific product, please select the appropriate one.

  6. In case you wish to associate all incoming tickets for a given account with a specific group of agents, please select the appropriate one.

  7. Click on “Save Account” and you will be taken to eBay’s login portal

  8. Log in to your eBay account with its credentials and authorise a connection between your eBay account and your helpdesk.

Note: You can link up to 5 different eBay accounts in your helpdesk.


This integration will allow you to use almost the entire power of the helpdesk when supporting people from your online eBay marketplace. To make it easier to showcase the various capabilities, this section will be divided into multiple parts.

List of sections

  1. How are eBay Tickets Created and How can you Respond
  2. How can you manage Ticket Properties and Automation
  3. How can you Tag and Manage Ticket Tags
  4. How can you Respond to an eBay Ticket
  5. How can you use Freshdesk Integrations with eBay Tickets
  6. Buyer Contact Management, Merging and Privacy Protection
  7. eBay as a support channel - FAQ