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Conversion of an incoming call to a ticket

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Initiate a call from Freshdesk using Click-To-Dial feature

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Feature Details:

You can integrate Knowlarity's Super Receptionist with Freshdesk so your helpdesk agents won't need to switch apps or solutions when they make or receive a call. When the call ends, agents can choose whether to convert it to a ticket. If converted to a ticket, a recording of the call will be automatically attached to the description of the ticket. Any recordings made on subsequent calls will be added as a Public Note, irrespective of whether the agent or the customer initiated the call. Agents can also take notes while on call with their customers.  

Installation Procedure:

In order to connect your Knowlarity account to your helpdesk, you will need your Knowlarity Number and API key. Follow these steps to get your Knowlarity API key.

Admin Steps

  1. Login to your helpdesk. Go to Admin → Apps → Get More Apps   Knowlarity.

  2. Click on Install

  3. Enter your Knowlarity API Key and your Number

  4. If you want to force your agents to link all calls with tickets - either new or existing ones - make sure the first option is selected. If you uncheck the box, your agents will be able to ignore certain recordings and not associate them with any tickets

  5. Select whether Agent Notes taken during calls are publicly visible or not. By default, they are Private. 

  6. Once you’ve filled those fields, click on Enable.

Using The Feature

When you receive a call via your Knowlarity number, you will see a popup in your helpdesk, identifying the caller. When you answer the call, if the caller is an existing customer, a popup in the helpdesk will display the Contact Name, Phone Number and their Two Most Recent tickets

A Note icon exists next to the pop which will allow you to take notes regarding the conversation.

Once the call ends, Freshdesk will present you with the option to associate the call with a new or an existing ticket. In-call notes taken will be available for editing on the “Convert to Ticket” widget and added as Public or Private note based on Admin setting. For new tickets, the recording of the conversation will be appended to the description of the ticket. For existing tickets, the call recording will be added as a Public Note. 

If the caller was a completely new customer, when you click on “Convert to a Ticket”, Freshdesk will give you the option of adding the Requester name and Email to the helpdesk contact directory.


  1. My app is not working. Why?
    Please check that the Knowlarity API key you entered in your helpdesk is correct and present in entirety. 

  2. What properties will be assigned to tickets created by this app?
    Knowlarity calls converted to tickets will have these properties by default:
    Priority: Low
    Status: Open
    Source: Phone