Admins and Supervisors will be able to keep an eye on the call volume and agents available at any time using the real-time dashboard. This way they can identify red flags and take action immediately. For example, if an important customer has been waiting in the queue for a long time, the admin can make more agents available or tell busy agents to wrap up their call sooner. 

You will be able to see the phone real-time metrics in the right panel of the dashboard tab. By clicking on each option, you can see more details about the callers and agents. 


By clicking on the Waiting box, a supervisor will be able to see all the callers who are waiting in the queue and for how long. This way, if there are customers who have been waiting for a long time, they can let agents from other groups take the call.

In conversation

By clicking on the In-conversation box, a supervisor will be able to see all the ongoing calls and details like which agent is talking to which customer, and for how long. This way, if a particular call is taking too long to complete, a supervisor can instruct the agent to wrap up the call sooner and help them do so.

Agent availability

By clicking on the Available agents box in the dashboard tab, you will be able to see which agents are available to take calls, which agents are on a call, and which agents are not available in the helpdesk. Using the toggle on the left, a supervisor will be able to control the availability of the agents.