Freshdesk's cloud-based telephony integration is used to extend customer support through phone directly from your helpdesk. You can experiment with it yourself and make an informed choice with the trial version of the phone channel for a limited period. Here is the feature list of the trial version in comparison with the full version. 

Features Trial version Full version
Phone number 1 Unlimited
Time limit for one call ~110 seconds No time limits
Validity of the purchased number 15 days trial period + 5 extra days where the number will be linked to the account post which it would be released. The number can be retained anytime within this 20 days time period by upgrading to the full version.
Call charges Free upto 25 incoming minutes and 5 outgoing minutes. Standard rates will be charged for incoming and outgoing calls.
Number of calls  Limited by minutes Unlimited 
Call forwarding N/A Available
Call recording Available  Available 
Attending calls via phone N/A Available
Deleting a phone number N/A Available
Purchasing phone credits N/A Available
Purchasing multiple numbers N/A Available
Converting phone calls to tickets Available  Available
Agent availability dashboard Available  Available 
Call history  Available Available
Total call minutes usage graph and indicator Available N/A
 Call Monitoring  N/A  Available 
 Call Barging  N/A  Available
 Call Conferencing  N/A  Available
 Call Masking  N/A  Available
 Call Lifetime Metrics Tracking  N/A  Available
 Exhaustive reports  N/A Available

During the trial period, local phone numbers are available for the following countries:

Austria Belgium Bulgaria Canada Switzerland
Czech Germany Denmark Estonia Spain
Finland France UK Greece Ireland
Italy Lithuania Latvia Netherlands Poland
Portugal Sweden Slovakia US South Africa

The admin can activate the full version of phone channel at any time during the trial period. 

Note: If the trial period expires or if the free call minutes are exhausted, you will not be able to make use of the phone channel or the number.