We support a worldwide community (211 associations/more than 200 countries). Do we need to buy a local number?

We would recommend you buy a local number in each region so you can provide your customers with a good call experience. However, to make things easier, as you provide support for more than 200 countries, you can buy a central number from your main country of operations or opt for a toll free number.

Can I add more than 2 phone numbers to 1 contact?

Yes, you can currently add Work Phone and Mobile Phone numbers to a contact. Going forward, we will provide support to add more numbers under each contact.

We're relatively new to setting up our phone system. Are metrics automatically generated? Do we have to request for it? Is it something we can customize?

Metrics are automatically generated as soon as you start using the Phone channel. You can access these reports from the Reports tab in Freshdesk. Additionally, you can export advanced call metrics from the Call Summary report on the helpdesk dashboard.

Can calls be recorded?

Yes, Freshdesk phone allows you to record calls by enabling a toggle button. The option can be made available to agent/admins and also for requestors.

We have a welcome message in 4 different languages. How can we make the message concise considering that we will have to repeat each message in 4 languages?

Ideally you can have a 1st level IVR menu for language selection and then a sub menu for a specific language. This way you can avoid repetition of messages in each language. 

Is it possible to integrate Freshdesk phone with Skype for Business, which is what we use for phone support?

Yes, we do have an integration with Skype for Business. You can install the same from the Marketplace

How do we handle calls from unregistered numbers/hidden numbers? Can we link the phone ticket to the customer?

Yes, phone tickets can be linked. To handle unregistered numbers first the phone agent must get the customer unique identifier, and then search based on this identifier to obtain historical context.

How can we buy numbers in Russia and Norway? 

We currently do not have support for Russian and Norwegian numbers. However, you can make use of Call Masking in order to mask the number you use in Freshdesk.

How can we buy a number in Ukraine?

We currently do not have support for numbers in Ukraine. However, you can make use of Call Masking in order to mask the number you use in Freshdesk.