Freshconnect lets you collaborate with internal teams as well as external partners to resolve issues quickly. 

For some tickets, support agents have to consult representatives from other internal teams to give the customer an update. When you wait on multiple agents or groups for answers, it usually results in a delayed response. Freshconnect enables the agent to invite all agents or parties needed to a discussion, and they can quickly collaborate to solve a ticket. 


For example, let's say a customer has raised a ticket requesting a refund. The assigned agent, Sara, can’t process the refund herself. She seeks help from Vivian from the Refunds team. She doesn't have to reassign the ticket to Vivian, but simply @mention him in a Freshconnect discussion. By doing so, both the agents are on the same page, the decisions are taken, and the ticket is resolved quickly.

With this feature, all internal communication which would otherwise take place in other chat tools or in person will be in one place. Agents across the company can be invited to collaborate, including occasional agents as well as representatives from third-party partners outside the business. 

Here's how you can collaborate using Freshconnect:

  • Mention team member(s) to invite them to a ticket

  • Invite third-party partners outside of your organization to a ticket

  • Chat is linked to the tickets so context will always be retained along with the conversations.

Learn more about using Freshconnect here.

NOTE: Starting July 1, 2020, Freshconnect will not be available in the Freshworks Switcher. The widget, the links, and all the email notifications, however, will be accessible for users across the product.