Your journey with the phone channel in Freshdesk is ending soon! But what awaits is a better beginning — Freshcaller.

Keeping in mind the overwhelming usage of phones in Freshdesk, we realised how much finer it can get and wanted to push the boundaries on delivering a better phone channel experience.

And so, we built this well rounded business phone software - Freshcaller, that has a scope for better breadth in terms of 

  • more features, 

  • flexibility to enhance and explore newer technology around business phone systems,  

  • build a product that you can use to communicate seamlessly and rely on for your business's customer engagement from one single interface.

Your new pricing plan (TL;DR: No pricing plan change for migration customers)

If you are a Freshdesk customer who is/was using the phone channel, you would either be on

  • The Standard plan at 0$/per agent/per month

  • Or, the Advanced plan at 24$/per agent/per month

in Freshdesk.

You’ll be migrated to Freshcaller’s

  • Standard plan at 0$/per agent/per month

  • Or, Advanced plan at 24$/per agent/per month

respectively, with no migration costs

Downtime for migration

During migration your accounts will face no downtime

Using two different products vs using a built-in phone channel
With Freshcaller, though you have to buy two separate products now, it gives you the flexibility to buy licenses according to how your team is structured. For eg., Let's say you have a total of 10 agents in Freshdesk. And only 5 of them handle phone calls. With Freshcaller, you'll need to buy only 5 Freshcaller licenses for the phone agents alone.  

Also, if you are wondering if all features that you were using on Freshdesk’s phone channel would be available on switching to Freshcaller, it’s a big yes. 

To give you more perspective, let’s get to the feature list.  

Migrating from Freshdesk phone channel to Freshcaller—How? 

Once you confirm by responding to our migration request over email (From:, we'll process the migration from our backend. You can mention your preferred time(non-business hours) and day over email. This way all your business activities can go on undisturbed. 

Feature parity between Freshdesk phone channel and Freshcaller

Every feature that was available to you in your respective plans (Standard or Advanced) will be available in Freshcaller’s Standard and Advanced plans. On top of this, Freshcaller has more features to offer. 


Grandfathered Standard plan 


per agent/per month

Grandfathered Advanced plan


per agent/per month



per agent/per month



per agent/per month



per agent/per month

Custom Greetings

Contextual Conversations

Forward to Phone

Advanced Call Queues

Business Hours

Call Recording

IVR (phone trees)


Vanity numbers

Concurrent calls

Blind Transfer

Transfer to teams

Call Masking

Route to external number

Team routing

Easy to set-up multi level IVR

Analytics (Reports)

SIP connections

Bring Your Own Carrier

Advanced Call Metrics

Call Barging

Call Monitoring

Conference Calling

Real-time call summary

Call wrap up time/ After call work

Smart Escalations

Ringtone customisation

Notes transfer

Non-Business Hours Routing

Service Level Monitoring

Abandoned metrics

Holiday Routing

After the migration, to choose a Freshcaller plan, all you need to do is just

  1. Login as an Account admin.

  2. Go to Admin Settings > Billing and choose the plan that reflects well on your business’s requirements.

Just so that you are well informed on what the migration has to offer to you, and some pressing questions that you might have, we’ve put together a bunch of FAQs to help you out!

Can I add agents after migration?

You will have as many agents as you had in your Freshdesk account during the migration. If you would like to add more agents, you can reach out to us at

What happens if I want to change plans?

If you want to upgrade to a different plan after migration, you have Freshcaller’s Blossom and Garden plans to choose from. And with these plans you can get your agents working more effectively with features like the reports, non-business hours routing, smart escalations, abandoned metrics and much more. 

How will your calls be charged?

Once the migration is done, all the calls made and received through the Freshcaller widget inside your Freshdesk account will be charged according to the Freshcaller call rates. For more details on the call rates, refer this.   

Do I lose any data or customisation on migration to Freshcaller?

All your customisations—IVR settings, call queue, purchased numbers, business hours, teams, agents and much more will be migrated and available for you to use on your Freshcaller account. Your call log data will be migrated to Freshcaller once you’ve converted the calls to tickets on Freshdesk.

How do I get access to new features on Freshcaller?

To access Freshcaller’s new features (that were not part of Phone Channel’s Standard and Advanced plans), you can easily switch to one of the Freshcaller-specific plans (Sprout, Blossom, Garden) by clicking on Admin -> Billing in your new Freshcaller interface. If you would like to know more about Freshcaller’s new features, you can reach out to us at

What gets synced between your Freshdesk and Freshcaller account on migration?
Once your migration is complete, all your phone related operations and the widget is synced to your Freshcaller account. This article helps you understand how the Freshcaller widget looks inside Freshdesk and what gets synced between the two accounts. 


For any further queries, drop an email to