In more ways than one, 2018 turned out to be our best year. When we look back at how we started, it reminded us of how daunting it seemed to embrace change and build an avant-garde helpdesk. Freshworks entered the elite unicorn club and we are proud of how we’ve turned from a world class SaaS helpdesk to positioning ourselves as a complete customer engagement suite. 

While we gained, improved and learned, we wanted to share with you, ways to leverage the new Freshdesk Mint to wow your customers. 

With the older version of Freshdesk shutting down on January 31, 2019, we’ll be moving all users to the Mint experience.

How can Mint make life better for both you and your customers? 

Let Agents be their Own Boss: Team Dashboards

Support agents at many companies depend on a supervisor to get access to their performance reports. It’s common for support managers to help agents in guiding them to maintain good metrics.

With team dashboards, agents needn’t depend on a supervisor for guidance. Supervisors can display relevant metrics and trends for the entire team to see. Being able to see where they stand will motivate agents to stay on top of their metrics every day. Learn more.

Test New Changes in a Safe Space: Sandbox


With Freshdesk Sandbox, you can create a replica of your live Freshdesk account. Support managers can make changes to workflows to try and test new features without worrying about any possible downside. Once you’re confident that your tests work as expected, you can then implement the changes in your live Freshdesk account. It’s as simple as that. Learn more.


Be Confident of your Account’s Security: Audit logs

Ever wondered if someone has accidentally edited something that you had configured in your account? You need to revert the changes, but you’re not quite certain of the changes that were made.
With audit logs, all admins will be able to track changes made to important modules in your account. These logs will now assist admins to go back to an older working setup if the latest changes, made by another admin. Learn more.


 Make GDPR Compliance Simple


This is our last mention of GDPR. We promise.

When your customers ask you to remove their data from your company records, you’re required to delete their details from Freshdesk. You can easily delete a customer record permanently with a simple click on Freshdesk Mint. No complex APIs, no support requests, no sweat.

Social Signals for Twitter

If your brand is providing customer support on Twitter, your handle probably gets a lot of mentions from people who are looking to reach out to you. Some of these tweets might be casual in nature with the user not expecting an instant reply, while others might be more important issues that will need immediate action from your side. 

With the Social Signals feature in Freshdesk, we use Artificial Intelligence to help you automatically find the relevant tweets quickly and cancel out the noise in your Twitter account. Learn more.


Quick Actions in Ticket Replies

Canned responses isn’t always enough to save support agents time from typing out simple responses. Agents often repeat simple phrases while responding to customers.

With Quick actions, you can insert long email templates, solution articles from your kbase, or even phrases using just your keyboard. Learn more.


Freshdesk mint customer support


Missing Attachment Reminder

We’ve all been in the situation where an email recipient has reminded us that we’ve forgotten to attach a file.  The missing attachment reminder for Mint will save you from such awkward moments.

Freshdesk mint customer support


Undo send 

With “Undo Send”, you won’t have to anxiously proof-read your message multiple times before hitting on the send button. You get a ten-second window to undo your response. If you notice something that needs a change, you can modify your message and then send it to the customer. Learn more.


To-Do reminders 

Support agents needn’t depend on a calendar or a phone app to set reminders for tasks. In fact, they needn’t even leave a ticket to create a reminder for themselves.  The new To-Do list ensures they are reminded of their tasks no matter where they are in the helpdesk. Learn more.

freshdesk mint customer support


Freshdesk Support Bot - Your smart new support agent


The support bot by Freshdesk can be your smart support agent that instantly responds to queries that your customers might have. The Freshdesk support bot uses a Machine Learning/AI algorithm to analyze a customer query, fetch solutions from your knowledge base and proactively resolve customer questions.


Responding to repetitive queries can overload your support team. The support bot can respond to these queries and let your support team take care of the more complex queries. Learn more.

Customized Table View


The customized table view allows agents to add or customize the fields they see in the Table View of their tickets page.

By adding custom fields, agents can lookup the data they need immediately, without having to view the ticket properties of each individual ticket. The customised table view can help you have prioritise the fields on a table and resolve tickets faster. Learn more. Learn more.

Customer 360 - Additional context with Notes


Often, you and your team members might have additional details about your customers (contacts and companies). You might be using docs, spreadsheets or other tools to capture these details based on your interaction with them.


Your agents might be spending time just switching between tools and documents every time there is an auxiliary note to add. With the new Customer 360 feature, your agents can have everything they need to know about customers, within Freshdesk. Learn more.


Give your team more context with the Summary app

When a conversation in the ticket extends to more than a couple of interactions, support agents often collect all the necessary information about the scenario from the customer, add more details like Username, Credentials, and ID, etc. in a private note before they move the ticket to another team. But the private note often gets buried down there in the ticket and it's not really easy to find.


The Summary app can be used to let agents from other groups/teams know:

  • Progress on the ticket so far and

  • Important information that has been repeatedly referenced

Learn more

Annotating Image Attachments

Freshdesk lets you annotate images that are sent as ticket attachments. By annotating on an image, you can highlight specific portions of a screenshot or an image to help customers understand an issue better. Learn more.

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