Note: We're rolling out the revamped SLAs in batches to all Freshdesk accounts

When the response/resolution time for a ticket has elapsed, it is recommended that you escalate the ticket to another agent for immediate action. This can be set up in the SLA policies you create.

Steps to set up escalation for an SLA policy

First, create an SLA policy using these stepsIf you already have an SLA policy in place, you can set up an escalation protocol using the following steps:

  • Login to your support portal.

  • Go to AdminGeneral Settings > SLA policies.

  • Click Edit for the SLA that you wish to add escalation procedures to.

  • For each priority level, choose the ticket response time, resolution time and select whether the SLA should operate as per business or calendar hours.

  • In the field What happens when the SLA is violated?, define the escalation rule and name the agent to whom the escalation email should be sent.

  • You can set up a single escalation rule when a ticket is not responded to on time, and a maximum of 4 levels of escalation when a ticket is not resolved on time.

  • Once you're done, click Save.

You have now set escalation rules for your SLA policy successfully. You can use the same steps to create and edit rules for multiple SLA policies.