The Constant Contact app allows your helpdesk agents to manage mailing lists, export contacts to Constant Contact and get stats on campaign activities sent to users from within Freshdesk.
To get started with the app, follow these steps:

  • Login to your support portal.
  • Go to Admin > Helpdesk Productivity > Apps > Get More Apps.
  • Select Constant Contact and click on Install.
  • Enter your Constant Contact username and password in the login screen that appears.
  • Allow Freshdesk to access your Constant Contact account information. 

Once the app is installed, you can see the Constant Contact widget on your Contacts page when you click on any of your saved contacts. 

Freshdesk's Constant Contact Widget will show the following campaign activities:
  • The last 5 campaigns sent to the user
  • "Open" history on the campaign
  • "Click" history along with the links clicked
  • "Sent" history

Apart from Campaign activities, you can also manage mailing lists directly from the widget
  • Export new users
  • Subscribe an existing user to one or more mailing lists
  • Unsubscribe users from mailing lists

1. Recent Campaigns

2. Recent Campaign Activity

3. Mailing Lists