The iContact app allows helpdesk agents to manage mailing lists, export contacts to iContact and get stats on campaign activities sent to users, all from within Freshdesk.

Getting your API information:

  • Go to and grant access to the Freshdesk app by entering qB7RYQgliAPwl5dwezYF0kAN4Islhj4e in the Application ID field.
  • Set a password of your choice and click on Save. This new API password will be used for all API requests from Freshdesk. 
  • Copy the API URL from the Account Information section. You will need this while installing the app.

Quick Guide to integrating iContact with Freshdesk:

  • Login to your support portal.
  • Go to Admin > Helpdesk Productivity > Apps > Get More Apps.
  • Select the iContact app. Click on Install
  • Paste the API URL, that you copied down. 
  • Enter your iContact username and the new API password that you created.
  • Click on Install

Once the app is installed, you can see the widget on the "Contacts" page.

 Freshdesk's iContact Widget shows the following campaign activities:

  • The last 5 campaigns sent to the user
  • "Open" history on the campaign
  • "Click" history along with the links clicked
  • "Sent" history

Apart from Campaign activities, you can also manage mailing lists directly from the widget
  • Export new users
  • Subscribe an existing user to one or more mailing lists
  • Unsubscribe users from mailing lists

1. Recent Campaigns

2. Campaign Activities

3. Mailing Lists