This solution article contains answers to some of the most frequently asked questions regarding Field Service Management. If you have a query that is not answered here, please feel free to contact us at for help. 

  1. Can I use Freshdesk without Field Service Management or Field Technician licenses?
    Yes, you can use Freshdesk without Field Tech licenses. The Field Service Management module is an add-on created specifically for those organizations which employ field technicians for support. If you provide only online helpdesk support, you do not need to purchase Field Technician licenses.

  2. What is the difference between a Field Technician license and a Helpdesk agent license?
    Support tickets from customers are not accessible to field technicians directly; they can only access service tasks or jobs assigned to them by your helpdesk agents.

  3. Can I purchase only Field Technician licenses without any helpdesk agent?
    No. You need a minimum of one helpdesk agent on either the Estate or Forest plan to purchase Field Technician licenses. There are no limits on the number of field technician licenses you can subscribe to at a time.

  4. I do not see the Field Service Management option in the Admin tab. Why?
    You need to be on either on Estate or Forest plan on Freshdesk to access Field Service Management under the "General Settings" tab in the Admin page of your helpdesk. If you are on either of these plans and still cannot see the option, please let us know.

  5. How much do field technician licenses cost?
    It costs $29 per field technician per month. You can add or remove Field Technicians  by going to Admin → General Settings → Field Service Management → Manage.