Note: Learn the basics of Analytics in this video.

Why is Reports getting upgraded?

1. To enable you to create your own reports, pick the metrics you want to analyze and narrow down on issues. 

2. To upgrade your existing default reports with more metrics and better visualization. 

The new module, Analytics, will replace Reports from 31st March 2020 and provide more powerful insights.

What does Analytics have?

Curated reports: Out of the box reports that provide fundamental support stats. These are the same default reports you used to view in the Reports module. In Analytics, they will have a revamped appearance and the best part is the wide range of report filters. These will help you understand your customer service in one glance. Learn about curated reports here.

Custom reports: It offers the flexibility to create your own reports. You can select the metric(s) you want to study, apply the right filters, and employ the perfect dimensions to analyze your data. This helps you identify gaps before they become critical issues and create a positive impact. Learn how to create custom reports here.

What changes with the upgrade?

  • All default reports in Reports will be available as curated reports in Analytics.
  • Report schedule and Ticket properties export present in the Reports will be migrated to Analytics two weeks before the permanent upgrade. 
  • Ticket activity export will remain the same and will be moved to Admin > Activity export.
  • All the schedules will remain in an inactive state in Analytics. You can choose to enable it through the Schedules tab in Analytics home page.
  • Freshdesk Admin will be able to switch between Old Reports and Analytics till 31st March 2020.

How to get comfortable with Analytics?

  • Explore the new curated reports and their visualizations.
  • Try setting up Report schedules and Data exports inside Analytics and get a preview of the new format.
  • Create your first custom report. (Available from Estate'19 plan onwards)

Note: If you're a Freshdesk customer before the year 2019, you need to upgrade to Estate'19 plan to access custom reports.

Find out the Analytics features for your plan here.

If you are having issues adapting to Analytics please write to us here. If you have any further questions write to