You can use the Freddy Reporting app to track and optimize the performance of Robo Assist (RPA Connectors). To access the Reports, you need to install the custom Freddy Reporting app on your Freshdesk. If you have not installed it already, you can follow this simple guide to get started with the same.

  • Login to your Freshdesk account as an Agent
  • Click on 'Freddy Reports' in the left navigation bar in your Freshdesk account.

  • Click on 'RPA Connectors' on the top-left side of the screen.

With Reports, you can measure the following metrics to track the performance of Robo Assist.

  • Successful Executions: These are all the triggered automations that were executed successfully. Once triggered, each successful execution falls under one of two possible categories—completed executions and business logic handled exceptions handled. These are discussed below.

  • Completed Executions: These are all executions that were completed successfully.

  • Business Logic Handled Executions: These are all the executions that encountered a business exception and displayed an agreed upon failure message. Business Exceptions may arise due to wrong inputs by an agent, unavailability of data, website going down, etc.

Let us understand the different metrics for each automation type that can be viewed in the reports.

  • Count: This provides the total number for each type of execution.

  • Percentage of total executions: This shows the percentage value for each type of executions, calculated using the count of total successful automations as the base value.

  • Time saved: Indicates the total time saved for each automation type.

A day-by-day trend of each of the following metrics can be tracked.

  • Execution rate: This trend chart displays the day-wise changes in the ‘Percentage of total executions’ value for each automation type.

  • Volume: This bar chart provides the daily count of each execution type.

  • Source Based Automation Execution Volume: Provide the daily count of executions for tickets split by the source channels of the tickets.

This section shows a list of all tickets where the execution failed or encountered a business exception.