Billiving is an online invoicing solution that helps you track the time spent by your agents on the various tasks and make billing calculations appropriately. You can link your Billiving account with your Billiving so that your contacts from Billiving will be synced to your helpdesk and you will be able to look up their invoicing information from within Billiving. 

Quick Guide to syncing Freshdesk contacts with Billiving

To sync your contacts follow these steps:

  • Login to your Billiving account.
  • Under Settings, click on Add-ons.

  • Under the Configure Add-ons, locate and click on Configure to sync Billiving clients with your Freshdesk account. 

  • Enter configuration settings: the registered email, password and your Freshdesk site address. 
  • Click on Save and Sync.


Your configuration will be saved if the login credentials and site address match. You will also get a message saying the configuration settings have been saved successfully. 


You have successfully synced your helpdesk with Billiving. Your account will be synced each time you sign into your Billiving account.