Note: This integration is currently not available on Freshdesk Mint.

The JIRA integration for Freshdesk supports both on-demand and on-premise variants, from JIRA 4.x up to the latest version - JIRA 5. Please note that If you are looking to install the Freshdesk - JIRA integration to work both ways, you will have to upgrade your JIRA setup to version 5.2 or above. This will let you sync ticket statuses and comments from JIRA directly into Freshdesk whenever a change is made. 

Installation Procedure:

  • Go on to your Admin page in Freshdesk. 
  • Under Helpdesk Productivity click on Apps. 
  • Click on "Get More Apps". Select JIRA and click on Install to go to your app configuration page.

  • Enter your JIRA Domain name, admin (user associated with the admin group on JIRA) username and password. For users who are using on-premise JIRA, can make the JIRA domain public by downloading ngrok (check out their website for information on download and installation procedures).
  • To restrict firewall access for Freshdesk to connect successfully to your JIRA server, please add an exception for the following VPC IPs based on your Freshdesk account's location

Freshdesk Accounts in the US
Freshdesk Accounts in the EU

  • You can also choose how you want your sync updates to work here - whether you want your Freshdesk ticket status to be updated every time there's a JIRA status update and so on.

NOTE: Freshdesk's default statuses and JIRA's status are mapped to each other as given in the table below

Freshdesk Statuses
JIRA statuses
In Progress

WARNING: If you create a custom status titled "In Progress" in Freshdesk, it will NOT BE LINKED to "In Progress" in JIRA. Marking a ticket in JIRA as "In Progress" will only update its status as "Pending" in Freshdesk.

  • Click on Enable when you are done setting up the sync updates. 

To view details of your linked Freshdesk tickets in JIRA, the Administrator is recommended to create a custom field. Please refer to this article for more details.


1. I keep getting “Could not process request” error while trying to install the JIRA integration. Why?

  • This is caused due to incorrect credentials. You will have to check:
  • If you have entered the correct username, domain and password. 
  • If the user installing the app is an Admin in JIRA. 
  • And make sure you have entered JIRA admin username and not admin email.

2. Comments and updates in JIRA are not reflected in Freshdesk. Why?

  • Comments and updates are updated from JIRA to Freshdesk with the JIRA webhook. Go to Admin→ Integrations → JIRA → Edit. Make sure the settings and credentials entered are correct and click on Update. This will create a new webhook in JIRA which should let the sync work.
  • If the JIRA - Freshdesk updation fails again, it means the JIRA credentials entered in the Freshdesk Integrations page does not have access to webhooks in JIRA. Please enter JIRA Admin credentials in the app configuration page. To check whether your credentials have access to webhooks,  login to your JIRA account and go to Settings → System → Webhook. If you can access it, then you may use those credentials to install the integration in Freshdesk.

3. Status mapping does not work for me. Why?

  • Currently, we support only default status mapping given below and do not support any custom status mapping. Also, the integration only supports English language in Freshdesk for status mapping , other languages are not supported.

In Progress

4.When a comment is added by a user in JIRA, the note gets added by different username in Freshdesk instead of the same one. Why?

  • When a user posts a comment in JIRA, an equivalent account is created in Freshdesk with his JIRA email and the note is added to the ticket. If this user has hidden his email ID in his JIRA settings, the JIRA integration in your helpdesk will not be able to fetch it, so a generic one will be used.

5. When I try to link a JIRA issue in Freshdesk or if I create a new issue via Freshdesk, the page keeps loading and nothing happens. Why?

  • Make sure your JIRA credentials have the necessary permissions/access to create and link issues. One way to check this is, login to your JIRA account with the same credentials used in Freshdesk. Then create an issue or link an existing issue to a problem within JIRA. If you are unable to do either, then it means you do not have the necessary permissions. Using those credentials in Freshdesk will bring up the loading screen continuously.