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For every email or ticket received in Freshdesk, the follow-up conversations have the ticket ID on the subject line of the emails. However, you can customize your email subject line to show or hide the ticket ID and make it more personal. In this case, please note that the customer email replies will still be added to the corresponding ticket thread based on the email threading logic and will not get converted to a new ticket. 

This article provides instructions on:

  1. Ticket ID in the subject of the reply emails 
  2. Ticket ID in automatic email notifications

Ticket ID in the subject of the reply emails 

To automatically add the ticket ID information in the reply email subject when responding to tickets, 

  1. Log in as an Administrator to your Freshdesk account.
  2. Navigation:
    1. For Freshdesk, go to Admin > Workflows > Email notifications.
  3. Click on the Templates tab.

  4. Click on the Edit button next to the Agent Reply Template.
  5. By default, the subject section in the template will only have the {{ticket.subject}} placeholder which fetches the ticket subject information dynamically when responding to tickets.
  6. To add the Ticket ID placeholder in all agent replies, click the Insert Placeholder option and select Ticket ID from the Tickets option. 

  7. Click Save.

Note: We recommend adding ticket ID placeholder with the format [#{{ticket.id}}] in the subject section of the agent reply template to help email threading in Freshdesk.

When you remove the ticket ID from the email subject, the ticket ID will be removed only from ticket replies. However, all the email notifications will still have the ticket ID in the subject by default. If you do not want to include the ticket ID in the subject, you can remove it from the below-mentioned notifications.

You can also add ticket ID placeholder (format [#{{ticket.id}}]) in the Agent Forward Template to include ticket ID information when forwarding emails in tickets. 

Ticket ID in automatic email notifications

If you would like to add/remove the ticket ID information in various email notifications sent to your customers, please follow the steps below:

  1. Under Admin > Workflows > Email notifications, choose the Requester Notifications tab.
  2. The ticket ID placeholder can be automatically included in the subject line for these notifications:
    • New ticket created
    • Agent adds comment to a ticket
    • Agent solves the ticket
    • Agent closes the ticket
  3. Click on the Edit button next to these notifications.

  4. Based on your requirements, add/remove the [#{{ticket.id}}] placeholder from the subject section.

    When customers reply to the email notification emails, such emails will be appended to the corresponding older tickets based on the email threading logic. For example, when the ticket requester replies to the email notification that says Ticket #12345 has been received in your helpdesk, their reply is appended to ticket #12345, and no new ticket will be created. 

Similar to adding/removing ticket ID in agent replies and requester email notifications, you can customize your emails by adding content as per your business usecase and inserting various placeholders from the helpdesk, ticket, ticket fields, contact, and company section which will dynamically pull in the appropriate data accordingly.