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Bigcommerce is an online store that helps you sell your products over the internet. You can integrate your Bigcommerce account with your Freshdesk support portal and view and manage your Bigcommerce orders from your support portal. 

You can integrate Bigcommerce by creating a custom app for it. But before you do that, you will need your Bigcommerce username, API Path and API Token. 

Quick Guide to Retrieving your Bigcommerce Account Information:

  • Login to your Bigcommerce portal. 
  • Go to Setup & Tools > Legacy API Accounts.

  • Choose the legacy account you want to sync with Freshdesk by clicking on the checkmark next to it
  • Click on Action > Edit. 

  • Make a note of your Username, API Path and API Token you see on screen. 

Now you need to create a custom app for integrating your Freshdesk and your Bigcommerce accounts. 

Quick Guide to setting up the Bigcommerce app:

Download the Bigcommerce app from the Freshplug Gallery. In the code snippet, append the user information you just copied from your Bigcommerce account:

  • Search for Username and enter your Bigcommerce username against this variable.
  • Search for Password and enter your Bigcommerce API Token against this variable.

  • Search for Domain and enter your Bigcommerce API Path against this variable. 

Make sure you have checked the Show Widget in ticket view page and click on Save. 

Your Bigcommerce account is now integrated with your Freshdesk and you will be able to view the order information of the requester, on the Ticket View page.