We have recently refreshed our branding across our offerings and changed the names of our pricing plans. If you have signed up before Aug 9, 2021, please click Previous plans to view your applicable plans.
We assure you that this change will not impact your product experience, and no action is required on your part.

Restructuring the knowledge base has been simplified further with the all-new two-pane view. This consists of all the categories, folders and articles, for you to manage in one place.

A quick guide to working with the two-pane view

  • To access the view, go to Solutions and click on Manage

  • You will find that the categories and folders that you have created are displayed on the left and the relevant articles are displayed on the right

  • This view enables you to perform bulk actions such as moving articles/folders, reordering articles and changing the visibility of multiple articles.

Moving your articles/folders

  • Once you are in the manage section, select the folders or articles you would like move, using the checkbox

  • Click on the Move To button that appears after selecting your articles/folders.

Note: While moving an article to a different category, the destination category should have at least one folder associated with it.

Changing the visibility of your articles

  • Under the Manage section, select the folders in which the articles’ visibility has to be changed.

  • The Visible To dropdown button appears as soon as the required folders are selected and you can choose any of the options that the dropdown displays.

  • You can also set the visibility based on specific customer/company segments as explained in this article.

Note: Changing the visibility based on specific customer/company segments is available from the Estate plan

Automatic reordering of articles

  • Hover over the folder in which the articles have to be reordered.

  • Click the Edit button that appears and click on the Order articles drop down that appears in the popup window.

  • Choose the order in which you want to sort all the articles in the folder and click Save.

Note: You can also manually reorder articles, folders or categories using drag and drop right from the Sprout plan. Automatic reordering using the drop-down is available from the Blossom plan.