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The search tab lets you locate items in your account from just about any page within your helpdesk. It is available in the top right corner (near the 'New' icon), in every tab.


Agents can search through all the information that is accessible to them. For example, if an agent can see only the tickets belonging to her group, her search will be performed only within that group.

Every time you enter a search query, the query is searched across tickets, solution articles, forum posts, and customers (contacts and companies), and in the following items within the broader categories:

  • Tickets - subject lines, descriptions, notes, replies, ticket fields, tags, attachment names
  • Contacts/companies - names, emails, phone numbers, contact fields
  • Solution articles - Titles, descriptions, tags, attachment names
  • Forums - Titles, posts

 You can also search for tickets, contacts, solutions or forums specifically by clicking on the respective icon. 


Quick search view


As soon as you start entering the search query, you will see the most relevant results (tickets, companies, forums,etc.) in the spotlight.



You can make use of the pills/buttons to quickly see more results for a particular category.


Certain strings might be present in the description of the ticket all the time (booking status or flight confirmation etc). Or in ticket properties (order id) - you can use search preferences to narrow down your search to just these properties.


Tip: If you are searching for a particular ticket and you remember the properties of the ticket, the best way to locate it would be using the filters in the ticket list page.

Extensive search

After you hit enter, you will be taken to the search results page where all results under each category will be displayed along with the number of results. The tickets will be sorted based on relevance by default. For example, certain strings might be present in the description of the ticket all the time (booking status or flight confirmation, etc). Or in ticket properties (order id) - you can use search preferences to narrow down your search to just these properties.



In each result available, you can see the following information -


Information seen in the search results
Ticket subject and description
Ticket created time
Assigned agent
Status and priority
Title of the article
The folder in which the article is created
Truncated content
Author of the article
Last published time
Topic name
Forum name
Post content
Topic creator
Topic created time
Company name
Contact name

Understanding your search results

When you enter multiple keywords, an OR search is performed on the keywords in a starts-with mechanism. For example, when you are searching for jet propulsion, the search results will include:

  • Items containing the phrase 'jet propulsion'
  • Items containing 'jet' and 'propulsion' separately
  • Items containing variations of the word 'jet' like 'jetpack' or 'Jetson' and containing variations of the word 'propulsion' like 'propulsions'

But items containing the words 'propel' or 'propellant' or 'propulsive' will not appear because they don't start with 'propulsion'. 

Note: Both these words, separately or together should exist in the same ticket conversation or article for it to show up in the search results.


Exact search

When you search for a phrase, by default, you will see the exact match results first and the partial matches will follow. However, you can eliminate partial matches in your search results by searching for exact phrases by enclosing the search terms within double-quotes.


In the screenshot below you can see the difference between an exact search and a partial search.


1) The updates in tickets, contacts, etc will take a few minutes to get indexed, after which it will be available through search.
2) The maximum size of ticket description that will be indexed in search is 64 KB.

Search for Archived tickets:

Under the Global search, if you want the Archived tickets to show up, you have to manually change the search settings to include the archived tickets if required. By default, this option will be turned off.