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Sometimes, agents in your organization may leave or move to a different department. In such cases, you can delete those agents after transferring ownership of their tickets to other agents. When you delete an agent from Freshdesk, all tickets assigned to that agent are automatically unassigned, and the agent will be available as a contact in your Freshdesk Account.

Here are three ways to remove an agent without losing their associated ticket details.

Converting an agent to an occasional agent.

You can convert a full-time agent into an occasional agent instead of deleting them and then edit the email address to a placeholder email address like: xyz@example.com. This way, you can free up an agent seat and retain the record of tickets assigned to the agent. Here’s how you can do it.

  1. Navigate to Admin. Choose Team and then click on Agents.

  2. Click on the Edit option next to the required agent name.

  3. Under the Edit Agents page, choose the Occasional Agent radio button as the Agent type.

  4. Update the email address to a placeholder email address say, xyz@example.com

  5. Click on Update agent to save the changes.

    How to convert to an occasional agent in Freshdesk?

Assuming the identity of the agent

As an Administrator, you can assume the agent's identity before deleting the agent and perform a bulk action to re-assign their associated tickets to another agent. You can then delete the agent without worrying about the unassigned tickets initially assigned to them.

For a detailed demonstration, please watch the video on Youtube on how to delete agents in Freshdesk.

Creating a dummy email address to retain the tickets handled

When an agent is going to be deleted, if you need to check the tickets handled by the agent and bulk-reassign them later, you can update the email address of the agent with a dummy email. Please note that if the agent's seat is going to be replaced by a new agent and the account does not have enough seats, this method is not applicable.

For example, if the agent's email address is john.doe@gmail.com, you can update the email as john.doe_old@gmail.com.

For any issues when updating the agent's email, please refer to this solution article.