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You can delete a contact in two ways in Freshdesk:

Delete (soft delete)

Delete forever(hard delete)

Delete (soft delete) 

Soft deletion moves the contact from the All Contacts page to Deleted Contacts view, and any future communication from the contact will be directed to the SPAM folder. All the tickets raised by the contact before deletion will remain in Freshdesk.

Following the steps below to soft delete a contact in Freshdesk,

  1. Navigate to the left Menu bar, click on the People icon() and select the Contacts tab. 

  2. Select one or more Contacts you wish to delete by clicking on the checkboxes adjacent to their name.

  3. Click on the Delete button on the top bar.

  4. Click Confirm on the prompt that appears.

    How to soft delete contacts in Freshdesk

In case of accidental deletion, you can restore the contact back from the Deleted Contacts list. 

Delete forever(hard delete)

Hard deletion permanently deletes the Contact from the Freshdesk and removes their profile, along with their tickets, calls, forum topics and comments, satisfaction ratings, todos, and notes. 

Permanently delete contacts from your Freshdesk account by following these steps.

  1. Navigate to the left Menu bar, click on the People icon() and select the Contacts tab. 

  2. Click on the Filter icon () on the All Contacts page and select the Deleted Contacts view.

  3. Click on the Contact’s name you wish to delete permanently.

  4. Click the Delete forever button from the top bar.

  5. Click DELETE FOREVER on the prompt that appears.

    How to hard delete/permanently delete contacts in Freshdesk

Once you hard delete a Contact, it will take a few seconds for the contact to be removed entirely from Freshdesk. During this time, the contact will be inaccessible.

You can also use Freshdesk APIs to delete the contacts from the backend. Learn more about Freshdesk APIs to perform operations such as reading, modifying, adding, or deleting data from your helpdesk. At the moment, Freshdesk allows individually deleting contacts from the system rather than in bulk.

Please write to support@freshdesk.com for any further clarifications.