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Agents are the persons who handle tickets and work with customer problems. An agent's functionality depends on the expertise, the level of support the agent can deliver, and the degree of the role assigned.

You can add as many agents to your FreshDesk account based on your purchased user licenses. 

Note: Admins can add only 10 agents to their accounts on the Free and Trial plan.

Follow the steps below to add an agent to your Freshdesk account.

  1. Login to your Freshdesk account as an administrator.

  2. Navigate to Admin from the menu. Under Team, click on Agents.

  3. Click on the New Agent option in the top bar. 

  4. Under the Agent Type field, you can choose the type of agent you wish to add. In this case, consider that you want to add a Support Agent.

    How to navigate to New Agent page in Freshdesk?

  5. Next, you can select,

    1. a full-time agent for which you have to purchase an agent seat or

    2. an occasional agent for which you must purchase a day pass for temporary log-in purposes.

  6. Enter the Agent details as given below,

    1. Specify the email address of the agent under Email (required field)

    2. Once you enter the email address, Freshdesk will check if this is an existing user on your account. 

  7. If the email address is unique and not associated with a contact,

    1. Freshdesk allows you to enter the personal details of the agent like NamePhone numberMobile number, and Job Title.

    2. Click on the "Upload Photo" option if you choose to add a profile picture for the agent.

    3. If you're on the Garden plan or above, you can set specific Language for agents. The agents will see the support portal in the chosen language.

    4. If you are on the Estate or Forest plans, you can set a specific Time zone (that takes effect on SLA policies) for each agent on your Freshdesk.

    5. Enter the Signature of the agent if required.

      How to add agents with unique email address unassociated with an existing contact?

  1. If the email address is already associated with a contact,

  1. Freshdesk displays a banner "Email has already been taken."

  2. Click on View User in the banner to go to the Contact Profile page.     

  3. Click on the "Convert to agent" option.

  4. Choose whether the agent should be full-time or occasional, and click on Convert to create an agent from the contact profile.

  5. Now, navigate to Admin > Team > Agents and click on Edit next to the name of this agent.

  6. Enter the Signature of the agent if required.

    How to add agents with email address associated with an existing contact?

  1. Choose the agent's Scope among the three options available.

    1. Global - Agents can view and work on all the tickets in the helpdesk.

    2. Groups - Agents can view and work only on the tickets assigned to the groups the agent is part of.

    3. Restricted - Agents can view and work only on their assigned tickets.

  2.  Choose the required Groups to which the agent should belong.

  3. Under the Support Channels option, (available in Estate Omnichannel or Forest Omnichanne) you can enable "Phone" and "Chat" options in Freshdesk and create an agent in Freshcaller and Freshchat, respectively. 

  4. Select the Role for the agent. You can choose between the default roles of Account Administrator, Administrator, Supervisor, or Agent, or any other custom role created in your Freshdesk account.

  5. Click on Create agent.

Once you successfully create the agent in Freshdesk, they will receive an activation email. The agent can then click on the link in the activation email to log in and set the password for their Freshdesk account.

For a detailed demonstration, please watch the video on Youtube on how to add agents in Freshdesk.

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