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A large number of factors influence the successful delivery of emails. On rare occasions that an email does not reach one or more of the intended recipients, mail servers may provide error responses to indicate the nature of the error. These can be due to issues such as an incorrect domain, an invalid email address, or problems with server connectivity

There are several basic checks to be done when emails are not delivering to the customers from Freshdesk, including:

  • Check if the email address is correct and not misspelled.
  • Check if the email is not landing in the spam or junk folder of the recipient.
  • Check if the email is not getting blocked by any anti-spam filter or firewall.
  • Check if the email server is not down or experiencing any issues.
  • Check if the email settings such as DKIM in Freshdesk are configured properly if email set up is configured using Freshdesk mail server.
  • Check if the email is not getting filtered by any ticket automation or triggers in Freshdesk.
  • Check if the email is not getting rejected due to any attachment size or file type limitations.
If the above checks are complete and still facing the issue, kindly share the screenshot of the error and the mail headers of the ticket with our support, to troubleshoot further.


To track the mails failed to deliver, Freshdesk’s 'Email Delivery Failure Notification' feature sends notifications to corresponding agents to take corrective actions when replies or forwards do not reach the recipients. Further, these errors are visible as a part of the ticket conversation and also in the ticket activities view.


Please follow the steps below to set up 'Email Delivery Failure Notification' in your Freshdesk account.

  1. Login to your Freshdesk account as an administrator.

  2. Navigate to Admin. Under Workflows, click on Automations.

  3. Select Tickets. Under the Ticket updates tab, click on New Rule.

  4. Select the System option under the When an action performed by section.

  5. Under the Involves any of these events section, choose 'Mail sent to requester address failed' or 'Mail sent to cc or forward address failed' option as per your requirement.

    Set up email delivery failure notification in Freshdesk
  1. Select appropriate options for Ticket properties and Actions sections, then click on Preview and Save.

  2. Check for the rule summary and click on Save and Enable.

You can also make use of the curated tickets list view by navigating to Tickets > Ticket views > All undelivered messages to filter such tickets.


If the issue persists, please get in touch with support@freshdesk.com, and one of our agents will assist you further.