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When your company supports customers across multiple channels like email (Freshdesk), chat (using Freshdesk Messaging), and phone (using Freshdesk Contact Center), managing the workload in each platform becomes tedious. Admins need to make sure that work is being delegated equally among agents in the helpdesk. 

Setting a ticket threshold for every agent by logging separately into every integrated channel, sometimes on a daily basis, is time-consuming. Some agents might be confined to just one or two specific channels which could make it monotonous for them. What you need is a simple solution to keep track of all of this while setting the ticket threshold across each channel.

With Freshdesk’s Omniroute™, you can balance the workload from across multiple channels in one place. Admins can set ticket, chat, and call thresholds, simultaneously, for agents. In fact, with the available advanced settings, Admins can go one step ahead and define a limit for every agent in the team.

If you are an Omnichannel customer and using Omnichannel Groups & Business hours, you can only add a threshold limit on tickets and calls. However, you can use IntelliAssign in Freshdesk Messaging to configure chats assignment.


Early access: This feature is in Beta. Looking to try it out? Head over to the community discussion here.

A quick guide to setting up Omniroute™:

  • Log in to your support portal as an Administrator

  • Go to Admin > Workflows > Omniroute™

  • Channels: You will be able to integrate your Freshchat and Freshcaller account on this page by clicking on the 'Add chat' and 'Add phone' options respectively.

  • Assignment load tab: You can use the toggle to choose between Default and Individual settings 

    • Default settings: You can mention the count of tickets here and this threshold will be applicable to all your agents in the helpdesk.
      For example, Every agent in the helpdesk will have a maximum of 10 tickets assigned and can pick a maximum of 3 chats at any given time.

    • Individual settings: You can define the ticket threshold for each agent specifically across every channel.
      For example, Agent A can have a maximum of 5 tickets assigned, can pick a maximum of 5 chats, and a call, at any given point in time. Agent B can have a maximum of 10 tickets assigned, can pick a maximum of 3 chats at any given time.

      The 'Filter by group' dropdown will let you choose a specific group to then define a threshold. This dropdown will have an indication of which channel each group is associated with.

You can also use the Search option to search for a particular agent to set the threshold.

Note: Supervisors will only be able to access this Assignment load tab

  • Conditions tab: You can choose to pause ticket and chat assignment if the agent is on a call by using the toggle

Note: While computing the current load of an agent, only tickets with SLA ON status will be considered.

All incoming tickets will stay in the unassigned ticket queue until they are automatically routed to the agents. These tickets will get auto-assigned to an agent who has not crossed their threshold when: 

  • they make themselves available (agent availability toggle on the top right)

  • they resolve a ticket

  • they change a ticket from Open to Waiting on Customer (or another SLA OFF status)

  • they delete a ticket or mark it as spam 

All tickets in the unassigned ticket queue are sorted based on the time each ticket has been waiting in the queue (SLA ON status). The oldest ticket from this queue is assigned to the least-loaded agent who last received a ticket. 

Once you have set this up, you will be able to find the Agent availability widget on the admin dashboard. When you select the widget, you will find the list of agents and the channels that they are available on. 

The users with the role 'Supervisor' and above will be able to switch/toggle the agent availability on email tickets and calls currently. For custom roles, any Freshdesk user with access to 'Manage automatic ticket assignment' will be able to execute this action.

Note: If you've been using Freshdesk for quite some time now and are looking to route tickets from Freshdesk, Freshchat, and Freshcaller to your agents, you will need to have licenses in the corresponding products.