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To setup forwarding on your Office 365,

1. Login to your Office 365 portal as an administrator. From the menu on top, click Admin > Exchange.

2. From the menu on the left, click Mail Flow

3. Under the Rules section, click the '+' (plus) button and choose to create a new rule.

4. Give this rule a name.  For example, 'Freshdesk forwarding rule' for your own reference. 

5. In the drop-down menu apply this forwarding rule if, choose: The recipient is.

6. From the next page, pick your actual support email address (support@yourcompany.com) and click OK.

7. In the drop-down menu choose 'Redirect the message to'.

8. Paste the email address Freshdesk provided (support@yourcompany.freshdesk.com or a similar one) and paste it in the 'check names' text box.

9. Now, click on the check names button label after you enter the address.

10. Now, click OK to leave this page, and click Save from the previous page. 

11. While at it, ensure that your other users haven't set up forwarding rules in their own Outlook 365 accounts on the web. Only then, this forwarding rule will take effect.

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