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Adding Field Technicians in Freshdesk

With FSM enabled on your account, you can bring in your field workforce on Freshdesk, and provide varying access levels to them. 

Any employee that you add as a Field Technician to Freshdesk will be able to access:

  • The Freshdesk mobile app on iOS and Android which provides a completely customized experience for field employees and technicians upon logging in. This will be different from what helpdesk agents will see when using the mobile app.
  • Freshdesk on the web. However, field technicians will be able to see only the service tasks that have been assigned to them. 

For a detailed rundown of what field technicians can access on the web and mobile and their capabilities, read more here.

Buying Field Technician licenses

Before you start inviting your field teams onto Freshdesk, you need to ensure that you have sufficient Field Technician licenses.

To get a Field Tech license, 

  • Login to your support portal as an Account Administrator
  • Go to Admin > Account > Plans and Billing
  • Click on Edit Billing
  • Enter the number of Field Technician licenses you want to buy and confirm your new billing amount
  • Click on Update Plan to save the changes to your licenses.

Note: This is available from Blossom and above plans.

A quick guide to adding Field technicians in Freshdesk:

  • Login to your support portal as an administrator

  • Go to Admin > Team > Agents

  • The list of agents in your helpdesk is shown. To add a new agent, click on the New Agent button.

  • Set the agent type to Field Technician

  • Specify the email address of the agent under Email (required field)

  • Once you enter the email address, the system will check if this is an existing user on your account. If so, you will be notified of the same. If the email address is new, you will get the option to enter further details - Full name, Work number, Mobile number and Title.

  • Scope: The scope determines what the field technicians can see in the helpdesk. By default, the scope is Restricted (field technicians only access service tasks assigned to them). You can also allow them to see all service tasks assigned to the Service Group that they belong to (Group access).

Coming up next, let's talk about how you can organize your field employees into service groups so it is easier for you to manage dispatches and assign tasks. Click here to read more →