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Creating Service Groups for Field Service

You can organize field technicians into service groups. Groups lets you easily assign service tasks and generate group level reports. A field technician can be associated with a single group or multiple groups. 

A quick guide to creating Service Groups in Freshdesk:

  • Login to your support portal as an administrator.

  • Go to the Admin > Team > Groups

  • The default agent groups available are listed. Click on the Service Groups tab to view or create service groups..

  • You can create a new service group by clicking on the New Group button on the top fold.

  • Set the group type to Service Group.

  • Give a name to your group under Group name.

  • Enter a description for the group under Description.
  • If you're on the Estate or the Forest plan, you will be able to set different business hours for each group, which will be helpful if your team works in shifts. Learn more about multiple business hours.
  • In the Agents section, search for the names of the field technicians to be added and add them.
  • Once you are done, click Save.

Assigning tickets to agents in groups:

Agents in each service groups can then be assigned service tasks manually. 

You can also allow agents to control their availability for ticket assignment. Once the "Allow agents to control availability" dialog box is selected, the agents would get an availability toggle in their mobile app. They can choose to switch off the toggle if they're not available to take up tasks. 

Note: In order to get the availability toggle to appear for agents, the "Allow agents to control availability" dialogue box should be selected in all the groups they are in.


Note: In case your helpdesk agents also go out into the field to help customers, you can add them to service groups. This ensures that any service task you assign to a particular group can be picked up by the helpdesk agents in it as well. This will also allow helpdesk agents to view their service tasks like any other ticket through their mobile apps.

If you are looking to bring field teams onboard Freshdesk, you will find this article more useful. If you've already brought your employees on board, here is a quick guide for your helpdesk agents to start supporting →