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Scheduled reports let you track how your helpdesk is doing without logging in. As an Administrator/Supervisor, you can schedule your custom reports so that you regularly receive them as PDFs OR CSVs in your inbox. Schedule reports for yourself and anybody who is a part of your helpdesk, i.e., any non-deleted contact (agent or customer). However, you can schedule reports only if you have Edit access.


A quick guide to scheduling reports:

  • Login to your Freshdesk account as an Administrator/Supervisor
  • Go to Analytics and select your custom report
  • Click on the Share icon that's available near the Present icon.

  • You can decide the cadence (Daily, Weekly, or Monthly) in which you want to receive these reports

  • Customize the time of delivery, Subject, and Description to suit your business

  • Under Send to, you will find your email address. You can add additional email addresses by typing the required ones and pressing Enter.

  • Click Save

The schedules you create can only be seen by you. If you have scheduled a particular report already, a green tick mark will appear on the calendar icon on the Schedule button. 

  • You can click on the ‘Schedule’ button to edit or deactivate the schedule using the ‘Active’ toggle
  • Click on Update once you’ve made the required changes

You will be able to view all your Schedules from the Analytics home page by clicking on the ‘All reports’ dropdown and selecting ‘Schedules’.

You’ll be able to view the list of schedules along with their Frequency, Recipients, and Status. You can choose to edit or delete a schedule by hovering over the corresponding row item.

Subscribing to reports lets you regularly receive them as PDFs in your inbox. This is possible irrespective of your access to Analytics. You can subscribe to both curated and custom reports. However, you won't be able to view the underlying data in subscribed reports.

A quick guide to subscribing to reports:

  • Login to your Freshdesk account 
  • Go to Analytics and select your curated/custom report
  • Click onicon that's available near the Export this report icon.  

  • You can decide the cadence (Daily, Weekly, or Monthly) in which you want to receive this report
  • Click Save.