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Most businesses, big or small, struggle to keep their Knowledge Base up to date - not everybody has the time to sit down and push out all the wisdom they've acquired over the years. The Email-to-KBase capability in Freshdesk lets you convert your agents' ticket replies into solution articles. Just CC the reply (from within Freshdesk or from the agent's email client) to your Freshdesk Knowledge Base and the solution article is good to go!

Quick guide to sending an email to the knowledge base

  • Compose your response to a ticket using the Reply editor.
  • In the BCC field, add <kbase@yourcompany.freshdesk.com>. In our example, it is kbase@sauls.freshdesk.com.

  • Hit Send to send out the response.
  • A Knowledge Base draft will have been created under the Drafts section.

When you have sufficient time, you can take a look at these drafts and turn them into properly-formatted Knowledge Base articles.

Additionally, you can also convert the knowledge hidden in your old email conversations, without having to compose them all over again. Just forward a copy of your email to your Freshdesk Knowledge Base and your new article is ready as a draft for you to review and publish.

Note: Please make sure that this email is sent out from your registered agent email address for the article to be created. It is also necessary for the agent to have publish access which can be enabled by navigating to Admin > Team > Roles and enable Solutions under Permissions