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Freshdesk helps you keep track of all the customers reaching out to your helpdesk, letting you create and save them as contacts under the Customers tab. You would also be able to group specific contacts and map them to a company.

When a ticket is created by a new requester, a contact is automatically created in your helpdesk. These contacts can be seen in the Contacts tab by clicking the hamburger icon and selecting Unverified or All.

Creating a contact

  • Login to your support portal

  • Click on the New dropdown and select New Contact

  • Fill in all the details of the contact in the contact form. The requirements for creating a new contact are listed below:

Mandatory field

  • Full Name      
The name of the contact is a mandatory field while creating a new contact.
Primary field(s)                                      
  • Email
  • Work Phone
  • Mobile Phone
  • Twitter
It is also required to provide details for at least one of the four primary fields to create a new contact.
Secondary field(s)  
  • Title
  • Company
  • Address
  • Tags
  • Background information
The secondary fields are optional, but it is considered to be best to add this information to each contact.
Default fields
  • Time Zone
  • Language
The default fields would hold a default value which will be auto-assigned to a contact if no changes are made to it manually.

  • Type in the contact's address, contact, social IDs, timezone, language and other background information.

  • Use the Allow this contact to view all this Company's tickets feature to provide visibility of all the tickets raised by the company that the contact is associated with, by using the ticket icon: 


           If you are on the Estate or above plan, this feature can be used by clicking on the ticket icon against the associated company (multiple companies can be associated):

  • Once you are done, click Save.

  • A profile for a contact is now successfully added. Similarly, add as many contacts as needed.

Once saved, the contact will receive a user activation email with a link to verify their contact and login to your customer portal. (This can be controlled under Admin > Workflows > Email Notifications > Requester Notification tab > User Activation email)

Please note that associating a language to a contact and linking a timezone will be available only on the Garden and Estate plans respectively. 

Creating a company

  • Login to your support portal.

  • Click on the New dropdown and select New Company

  • Fill in the company name (mandatory), description about the company (optional), notes associated with the company if any, and domain names for the company (optional).

  • Multiple domains can be added for the same company by separating them using commas. 

  • Based on the domain names you specify, Freshdesk will automatically associate contacts to this company if their email address contains any one of the specified domains.

  • For accounts that are on the Blossom or above plan, in order to help you store extensive details of a company, four additional default fields have been introduced:

    • Health Score - an editable dropdown of three choices: happy, doing okay, at risk. Based on the ongoing relationship, one of these values can be associated with a company.

    • Account Tier - an editable dropdown of three choices: basic, premium, enterprise. You can categorise the companies based on what tier they come under, according to your business.

    • Renewal Date - a date field that can be used to contain the necessary contract or renewal date for that company. 

    • Industry - an editable dropdown of standard industry choices that you can associate a company with. 

  • Once you are done, click Create.

After you are done creating contacts and companies, it is possible to view the list by going to the Contacts tab and selecting contacts or companies. You can also change any details given, by choosing the Edit option displayed next to every contact/company. 

Adding To-dos for contacts and companies

Sometimes, you may have to follow up with a customer or company for a specific issue or check if their questions, so far, have been answered/resolved. In such situations, you can add to-dos on the contact and/or company page to notify yourself of things you need to follow-up on, within Freshdesk. 

You'll find the 'To-Do' panel on the right hand side of the contact/company page:

You will also have the option of editing or deleting the To-do, if needed. The 'To-dos' you add will show up on the Dashboard similar to how the To-dos you add on Tickets show up:

Associating one contact with multiple companies (available on the Estate and Forest plan)

Freshdesk allows you to associate one contact with multiple companies and also remove companies associated with one contact. 

Note: When you remove the company from a contact, the existing tickets you had created for this particular company will continue to carry the same company name. i.e., if you need to access these old tickets, you will have to search with the old company name. To know more click here.