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This solution article contains answers to some of the most frequently asked questions regarding Field Service Management. If you have a query that is not answered here, please feel free to contact us at support@freshdesk.com for help. 

  1. Can I use Freshdesk without Field Service Management or Field Technician licenses?
    Yes, you can use Freshdesk without Field Tech licenses. The Field Service Management module is an add-on created specifically for those organizations which employ field technicians for support. If you provide only online helpdesk support, you do not need to purchase Field Technician licenses.

  2. Will it cost me to enable the FSM module and try features like the Scheduling Dashboard?
    No, it will not cost you. The FSM module is available for free from Blossom and the above plans. There are no activation charges. Feel free to try the features out. You only need to pay if you buy a Field Technician license and want to bring your field team onboard.

  3. Can a field technician respond to tickets? What is the difference between a Field Technician license and a Helpdesk agent license?
    No. Field technicians cannot see or respond to tickets. They can only respond to the service tasks assigned to them or their service group, add notes, and resolve their tasks. Field Technicians can only access service tasks or jobs assigned to them by your helpdesk agents.

  4. Can I purchase only Field Technician licenses without any helpdesk agent?
    No. You need a minimum of one helpdesk agent on any of the plans from Blossom and above to purchase Field Technician licenses. There are no limits on the number of field technician licenses you can subscribe to at a time.

  5. I do not see the Field Service Management option in the Admin tab. Why?
    You need to be on any of the plans from Blossom and above in Freshdesk to access Field Service Management under the "Support Operations" tab in the Admin page of your helpdesk. If you are on either of these plans and still cannot see the option, please let us know.

  6. How much do field technician licenses cost?
    It costs $15 per field technician per month. You can add or remove Field Technicians by going to Admin → Support Operations → Field Service Management → Manage.

  7. Does $15/field technician/month mean I have to pay $49(for Estate/Pro plan) + $15 for Field Technicians?
    No. It costs only $15 for every single new field technician you bring onboard your helpdesk. You need to have at least 1 Estate agent to be the Account Admin for your Freshdesk account but you can have as many field technicians as you want in that account and you'll be paying only $15/technician/month.

    For example, if you have only one (1) Estate/Pro Agent to manage your helpdesk and 20 Field Technicians onboard your Freshdesk, then it will cost you

    (1 helpdesk agent *49) + (20 field technicians *15) = 49 + 300= USD 349/month totally

  8. I accidentally enabled the FSM module. How do I deactivate FSM?
    If you have Account Admin access, navigate to Admin → Account → Plans and Billing → Toggle the Field Service Management switch to "Off".

  9. How different is login for a Field Service Agent?
    Login process for all agents in Freshdesk are the same, be it a Freshdesk Support Agent(Full time/ Occasional), or a Field Service Agent.

  10. Can an existing agent be converted into a Field Technician?
    No, it will not be possible to directly convert an existing agent into a Field Technician. But you will be able to convert an existing contact into a Field Technician. As a workaround, you can delete the agent, which converts them to a contact and then convert the contact to a field technician.

  11. What roles and scope can be assigned to a Field service agent?
    For field agents, you will only be able to choose Ticket Scope, either Groups or Restricted. By default, the field technician will be associated with the Field Technician role. It will not be possible to associate the Field technician with other roles.

  12. Can Field Technicians access the web view of Freshdesk?
    Yes, however they will have limited access to the helpdesk. They will be able to view only the Service Tasks associated with them and work on the same. Tickets will not be visible.

  13. Can normal agents be added to service groups?
    Yes, In case your helpdesk agents also go out into the field to help customers, you can add them to service groups. This ensures that any service task you assign to a particular group can be picked up by the helpdesk agents in it as well. This will also allow helpdesk agents to view their service tasks like any other ticket through their mobile apps.

  14. Can I make changes to the Field Technician role?
    Field Technician role is a default role and it will not be possible to make changes to this role.